What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Hair transplant is surgical procedure, applied to transfer the healthy hair follicles from one place on the body (Donor site) to the area where they are in minority or in other words is a bald area (Recipient site). This is a surgical technique and mainly applied to treat male or female pattern baldness. In this least invasive surgical procedure the healthy grafts that are genetically balding resistant (Mainly the posterior part of the scalp) are picked and transplanted into the bald area of scalp.

Hair transplant isn’t limited to treat the bald scalp only; this surgical technique can also be applied to restore eyebrows, eyelashes, patchy beard, pubic hair, chest hair, and to fill in the area where there are scars, produced by accidents, or cosmetic surgeries like face-lifts. The main difference between hair transplant and skin grafting is that harvested grafts are surrounded by almost all dermis and epidermis because rather than transplanting a strip of skin, tiny grafts are transplanted.

Now, as the natural hair grows in a group of 1-4 hairs so modern hair transplant techniques ensure the harvest and transplant of hair follicular units in a naturally found way. That is how the present hair transplant procedures adopt the natural look by means of imitating the alignment of natural hair. This type of surgical procedure is termed as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). There are two different ways to harvest grafts from the donor site i.e. Strip Harvest (FUT) and individual unit harvest (FUE, Follicular Unit extraction).

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