What is FUE Method?

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Most widely used method of hair transplant is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). In FUE method, a punch device is used to make tiny circular cuts around the hair follicle and then harvesting them from donor site, which leaves a tiny open-hole.

The punching process is repeated until the surgeon harvests enough of hair follicles to cover up the recipient site. Those tiny open-holes when healed form tiny white coloured scars all over the donor site. Now that’s up to the skill of surgeon that how precisely he performs punching in order to make those scars unnoticeable. As compared to FUT method those scars heal more quickly.

FUE procedure can be carried out either in a single long session or multiple small sessions and as the surgeon has to individually collect hair follicles, this process becomes more time consuming than FUT method. This process can take couple of hours to harvest 200 grafts (multiple sessions) to few consecutive days (a single long session) to collect 2500-3000 grafts. To decide either a subject is capable to undergo through FUE procedure strict procedure are followed such as “Fox Test” but that’s another long debate.

FUE technique ensures the intimacy of transplanted hair to naturally existing hair. In addition, there is no risk of linear scar as there is no need to harvest graft strip at a time thus, the scars produced are virtually unnoticeable. Moreover, being less invasive process the post-surgical pain is minimal and because of no stitch removal in involved the recovery period of Micro-Grafting FUE is around 7 days.

FUE Motorized Extraction:

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