What is Beard Transplant?

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Restoring of Goatee, Moustache, Beard and Side Burns
Just like Hair Transplant there exists Facial Hair transplant process that helps to restore facial hair to an area where the growth is low or if it is patchy. Facial hair transplant can be applied to facial areas like Goatee, Moustache, Beard, Side Burns, and anywhere where hair are desired. Hair can be grown even in the facial parts where hair is never grown and Facial hair transplant can be useful in concealing of any type of scars.

A subject can go Facial hair transplant after 20’s, the time when hormone levels are developed. FUE is the applied procedure for facial hair transplant due to availability of state-of-art tools for this technique, enabling quick harvest with unnoticeable scars. Anyhow, the scars can be observed in the donor site.

Depending on the recipient site the number of grafts can vary e.g. on average for moustaches 300-500 grafts, for each side burn 200-300 grafts, for a full goatee 600-900 grafts and for each side of beard 300-2500 grafts. The period for each session depend on the size of recipient site. Once the healing time is over, that particular facial area can be trimmed or shaved.

FUE method used requires a surgeon to have sound knowledge for properly figuring out a recipient site to ensure the naturally existing alignment. Apart from this a transplanting should be designed aesthetically to match the subject’s facial features.
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