Itching After Having A Hair Transplant

Hair Ninja

After hair transplant, you may experince some small discomforts like itching on donor and recipient areas. This case is completely normal and it is part of the natural process. The issue is normally ends in one month.

During the hair transplant surgery, grafts are extracted from the donor site and then small incisions(micro holes) are created where the grafts will be implanted (recipient site). Because of the incisions, minor bleeding is seen and after that scabbing is occurred in the recepient site. The scabbing may cause this itching while is healng.

The itchy area should not be touched or scratched beause you may damage the sensetive area.

The shampoo you use or care products can also leads itching. You may think to change your shampoo by asking your doctor. If the itching reaches very uncomfortable degrees, your doctor may give you some medications.

If you see some pimples and redness on your donor site, you may have some infection and needs further examintion. Consult your doctor immeditalely.

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