Can i have an oral sedation in hair transplant?


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I am looking to get a hair transplant. Im 32 years old and have a pretty bad needle phobia in the sense I pass out. can i have an oral sedation or other methods? I would love recommendations as I'm on a rather tight budget.
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Hello @ByronBill, for needle-phobia, some clinic use air pressure to injector. This device uses air pressure to inject the local anesthetic medication into the skin through its silicon heads. However this is not enoughe for complete anesthesia in hair transplant. Physicians only use it for begining of anesthesia to eliminate fear of needle. Physicians would continue with classic injector once they complete first phase of anesthesia . This option may work for you.

Normally, oral sedation is not preferred in hair transplant. It depends on your physician of course.


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Hi! Thank you for your question. If you have a needle phobia, don't worry, everyone has some phobia from different things. Given all these, I suggest you choose a robotic hair transplant technique.