Am I suitable for a hair transplant? (female)


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Hello, I have a big bald spot on my crown area and It has been like that for about more than 20 years. I would like to have fixed it finally. So far, I have tried minoxidil and did not work for me at all. I would ask if i should go hair transplant? Am I excatly suitable for hair transplant?
By the way, I have read some article about woman hair transplant and they say is not working for women.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello @novacbird
It seems you are suitable for hair transplant. You can go ahead and may consult a hair clinic. There is also unshaven hair transplant option that is offered by wide range clinics. They use diffrent instrument and called choi pen also known as DHI. This technique allows you to undergo hair transplant as partly shaven. They only shave donor site and recipient site stay long.

good luck!